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Shaw Farms

Shaw Farms stands as a beacon of agrarian charm and historic significance. Located at 1737 OH-131, Milford, OH 45150, this family-owned farm has been cultivating and providing the local community with farm-fresh produce for generations. In addition to its agricultural pursuits, Shaw Farms has become renowned for its annual Fall Festival, a delightful celebration of the harvest season that brings families together for a day of fun and festivities.


Agricultural Legacy

Shaw Farms boasts a rich agricultural legacy that spans decades. The farm’s commitment to sustainable farming practices and a genuine passion for agriculture has allowed it to thrive and become a trusted source of high-quality, locally grown produce. Visitors to Shaw Farms can witness the meticulous care that goes into cultivating a variety of crops, from vibrant fruits and vegetables to other seasonal delights.


Farm-Fresh Produce

Shaw Farms is renowned for its commitment to supplying the local community with fresh farm produce. The on-site market showcases a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, each brimming with flavor and nutritional benefits. Whether it’s the succulent strawberries of spring or the crisp apples of autumn, Shaw Farms guarantees that patrons can savor the finest offerings of each season. The dedication to maintaining freshness and quality is apparent in every piece of produce on offer, establishing the farm as a preferred destination for individuals who value the impact of locally sourced, farm-fresh goods.


Annual Fall Festival

A standout event on Shaw Farms’ schedule is unquestionably the yearly Fall Festival, a cherished tradition that attracts families and visitors from both nearby and distant locales. The festival offers a special chance for the community to unite and revel in the splendor of the autumn harvest season. With the dazzling hues of fall foliage and the scent of fresh hay permeating the air, the farm undergoes a delightful transformation into a festive sanctuary during this period. Here’s an interesting read.


Kid-Friendly Activities

A notable aspect of the Fall Festival at Shaw Farms is its wide range of kid-friendly activities tailored to the youngest members of the community. Families have the opportunity to delight in hayrides, navigate through corn mazes, and engage in pumpkin picking adventures at the extensive pumpkin patch. The farm’s dedication to delivering a wholesome and enjoyable experience for children enhances the festival’s appeal, establishing it as a beloved destination for families annually.


Pumpkin Patch Delights

No fall festival would be considered whole without a journey to the pumpkin patch, and Shaw Farms offers an outstanding experience for those in pursuit of the perfect pumpkin. The expansive fields are decorated with pumpkins in a multitude of shapes and sizes, crafting a visually captivating landscape that embodies the spirit of the season. Whether one seeks the ideal carving pumpkin or a selection suitable for baking, Shaw Farms’ pumpkin patch boasts offerings to satisfy every preference.


Community Connection

In addition to its agricultural and festive attractions, Shaw Farms plays a pivotal role in nurturing a sense of community. Serving as a meeting point for friends and neighbors, the farm offers a venue for shared experiences and the forging of enduring memories. The inviting ambiance and amiable staff further enhance the farm’s standing as more than merely a spot to procure fresh produce—it stands as a destination epitomizing the essence of community and camaraderie.


Shaw Farms serves as a symbol of the timeless allure of rural existence. With a foundation built on sustainable agriculture and a tradition of joyous festivities like the annual Fall Festival, this historic farm holds a special place in the hearts of the community. Whether one seeks farm-fresh produce, a family-friendly autumn escapade, or simply an opportunity to connect with neighbors, Shaw Farms extends an invitation to experience the genuine warmth of the country living on the outskirts of Cincinnati.


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