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We have moved! Come to our new location at 1220B State Route 28 Milford 45150

Welcome to Steve's Car Care

Premium Automotive Service in Milford, OH

If you’re looking for auto repair in Milford, OH, you’ve found us. Here at Steve’s Car Care we work hard to earn your trust and loyalty. We know how important it is to find a Milford car service you can rely on, so your satisfaction is our top priority each and every day.


Our professional automotive service offers you years of combined expertise from our well-trained technicians. We treat our auto repair professionals well because we value their skill and can-do attitude. We know our team sets us apart, saving you time and money, not to mention worry. When it comes to auto repair in Milford, we are totally confident that Steve’s Car Care is the best option in town!


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Why Choose Steve's Car Care

For years Steve’s Car Care has been there for the people of Milford. We love what we do, and that basic fact fuels our business. We are dedicated to our customers, and that’s why they stick with us—the best auto repair Milford has to offer.

Steve’s Car Care was founded on the basic idea that everyone deserves respect. It is our mission to treat each person that comes through our door with dignity and sensitivity. We believe this attention to detail has paid off by providing us with our loyal, friendly family of customers. That’s what makes Steve’s Car Care the best car service in Milford!

The Absolute Best Car Service in Milford, OH

What sets Steve’s Car Care apart from all of the others in Milford, OH?
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When it comes to auto repair in Milford, OH, it’s all about earning loyalty and trust by doing our very best every day. We are determined to earn and keep your trust.

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At Steve's Car Care, you can rest easy knowing that our highly-skilled, experienced auto service professionals are handling your car. Our technicians bring years of experience, skill, and education to the Milford auto repair table.

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We take the time we need to provide you with top quality car service in Milford, OH, and we take the time to talk to you about what that means. We listen to you so we understand your needs and goals for your auto repair.

Customers Review

Shannon ByrdShannon Byrd
20:31 29 Jan 24
Fixed my tire fast! Unbelievable customer service. I will refer all my family and friends!
Kenneth GeigerKenneth Geiger
01:44 19 Jan 24
Lauren answered all my questions and service was quick and painless
Jim_Marilyn KohrsJim_Marilyn Kohrs
23:18 15 Jan 24
Steve’s Car Care did excellent work on my automobiles & travel trailer. From major repair, oil change, or working on the trailer wheels & bearings never an issue. Quality service with fair market price. I’ll be back!!
Barb BrunerBarb Bruner
22:18 10 Jan 24
First time using their services.Very friendly
Debra JuddDebra Judd
22:21 02 Jan 24
Honest and reliable. Our car is always ready on time and at the quoted price. Lauren is awesome!
Michael KellerMichael Keller
22:46 23 Oct 23
Brought my vehicle in for a brake job, that turned into more than just pads and rotors. During the service process, Lauren kept me in the loop and explained what additional issues they found and made recommendations on what to fix now and what could wait.Overall I would rate my experience as excellent and I would have no hesitation to recommend Steve’s Car Care to anyone. They are thorough in their work, incredibly fair on pricing, kind and most importantly, trustworthy.
Janice TJanice T
11:50 23 Aug 23
This is the first time we have used Steve's Car Repair and I have to say we were pleasantly surprised because dealing with car repair shops these days are absolutely no fun and extremely expensive, as well as not knowing if they are being truly honest with what really needs to be fixed! Not only was the price affordable, they seemed very honest with what really needs fixed, which is a rare find! They went over and explained everything in detail of exactly what was wrong and needed to be fixed, as well as a super quick turnaround time!! Ithink we have found our new repair shop and will not be going anywhere else! Thanks so much for a good experience!
Donald WIlderspinDonald WIlderspin
21:46 26 Dec 22
I took my car to Steve to have it looked over, and have a tune up done. It needed a fair amount of work as the car sits in my garage more than it is driven. When I got it back the first time, the car had greasy hand prints all over everything. The windows, the body, under the hood all the new parts , it was a mess. There were missing bolts, and plastic rivets missing, zip ties everywhere, and my brand new intake had been cut in half, then welded back together. On top of that the car was overheating. Obviously I called and voiced my concerns and they said to bring it back. Fast forward 8-9 weeks later they tell me it’s done. At this point they have now had my car for a total of 11 weeks. When I come to pick it up the battery is dead, it’s out of gas, and the passenger side front tire is flat. As well as the plastic rivets that I complained were missing were replaced, but not by the right size, those all fell out immediately. There is now a half dollar sized dent under my drivers side window that wasn’t there before. When I went to pick up the vehicle and switch the battery Steve wouldn’t even come over and speak to me, let alone help me , and the girl in the front office told me “it’s a shame this all worked out the way it did.” As if to say something in this situation was my fault. I have never felt more ripped off in my entire life. I paid almost $2,000 for Steve to destroy my car. Worst experience I’ve ever had as a customer anywhere in my life.*Update*It’s been a little over a year now. The car is not driveable, leaks coolant, and overheats, as well as the plug wires were routed improperly, and come unplugged when the car is driven. Steve or his wife have blocked me on Facebook, and will not respond to any attempt I’ve made to get my car fixed. It was driven 1 time from their shop to my home and has been sitting ever since.